Each camper selects a week-long special interest group to meet with during the morning hours.  Group topics vary and may include dance techniques, improvisation, sexuality, the environment, massage, spirituality, dreams, open discussion and more. 


Although afternoons are free, there is plenty to do.  Hike the surrounding woods, canoe, bike, take a dip in the lake or simply relax on the beach with a good book.  The camp itself may offer  variety of activities including archery, wall climbing and perhaps a low ropes course.  Many campers have interests or talents that they are interested in sharing with others  If you have a desire to hold afternoon workshops, our Afternoon Coordinator will be happy to help you schedule these events.  Tennis courts and golf can be found.


Join in a variety of fun, entertaining evening activities -- maybe a campfire, sing-along, a coffee house, hilarious camp show, zany theme costume party, dancing!  View or participate in meditative dances of Universal Peace (Sufi).  The hospitality area is open for relaxed conversation and laughs.  Each evening is unique.