Tower Hill Weekend - May 5 to 7th 2017
                               in Sawyer, Michigan at Tower Hill Camp                         

 Friday Dinner to Sunday after Breakfast - 

Tower Hill in May
Friends gather to laugh and play!  
Bring a good joke to share for opening.
Girlfriends, bring your crafts!

Morning Group offerings; 
Your crafts or a trail hike. If you want, bring your bike.
Saturday, after lunch, 
how about a bean bag tournament and after dark, a campfire.
We'll squeeze in a few words about new cruise choices.
John will bring the cards & chips for Texas Hold 'em.
(we've held 'em long enough, it's time to play!).

Come!  Have fun in the sun!
Hugs from camp director, Donna Davis.
Looking forward to the fun !

Need volunteer for campfire.  Thanks!

You can get more information from Donna Davis, at or 708-756-4200

Checks can be used also                                                                                                   mail to:  AMUUSE, P. O. Box 29369, Indianapolis, IN 46229

Hi, my friends!

I have a lot planned and am very excited YOU are coming!

Here’s a few items that could help make this OUR BEST weekend ever!

Don’t forget your underwear! (HA) Wait, there’s more…..

Camp is at Tower Hill in Sawyer, Michigan.

Check out Michigan’s time zone. Compare it with your own. We’ll be on Michigan time.

Camp starts at 5 pm Michigan time. Dinner is 6, don’t be late! You don’t want to miss a camp meal!

Camp provides lovely handmade quilts,so it’s not necessary to bring bed linens, but the towels are small

Please bring a favorite snack and whatever beverage you’d like to drink.

Bring a favorite joke to make our opening night a big laugh.

Dress for the weather, we’ll be outdoors sometime. Wear comfy shoes. Consider bringing a flashlight.

For campfire, not sure how many chairs at camp so, you might consider bringing a lawn chair.

If you have bean bag boxes and bags, please let me know or I’ll borrow a set (Donna 708-756-4200)

Have a craft you’d like to work on? Bring it with, we have the perfect morning group for you.

Play a musical instrument? Bring it along! It’ll enhance our weekend!

Have something you’d like to share? Feel free to bring it with you.

Bring your favorite board game or cards.

And be prepared for a GREAT weekend!

Perfect weather, best friends, food provided, no chores, good conversations and a lot of laughs….

let the good times roll….

See YOU on Friday night 5 pm!


Donna Davis